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TechFront is a venture capital organization, characterized by a hands-on, entrepreneurial mentality. TechFront was founded and financed in 2017 by three experienced entrepreneurs with strong and proven track-records. All partners have C-suite experience and have brought companies from the start-up phase to a profitable exit. During this journey they have learned all aspects of starting, growing and running a company. They will use these learnings for the benefit of the TechFront investment portfolio.

How we work

The three partners in TechFront have their own perspectives and specialties. Combined they provide you with a crystal clear view on where your company stands and where it needs to go. Although we are actively involved in the companies we invest in, we leave the management free in taking their own decisions. Of course we have our opinions and share them with you, wanted or unwanted, but we will not directly intervene in the day-to-day operations.



A reflection board to determine strategic direction and priorities.



Hands-on support to grow and professionalise the organisation.



Finding additional capital and creating funding for further growth.


Best practices

Best practices in all aspects of running your company, like HR, Sales, Product Management, Operations, Legal, Tax and Finance.



A carefully built up and nurtured network of industry experts.



Loyalty & stampwallet. good priced loyalty platform for everyone

Stampwallet is a digital wallet for loyalty card. The physical form of stamp cards is outdated. Therefore, we created Stampwallet! A mobile platform & app which is the perfect marketing tool for your business using real time transactions and unique techniques to deliver a loyalty currency to your customers.


Save Small. Dream Big.

GoSherpy is the new app for saving real money towards your dream goals. It makes it easy and effortless to save for the things you really want: while you’re dreaming and planning we’ll be doing all the work behind to make your goals happen.

SBC SportsTech

Accelerating sporttech innovators

As part of Startupbootcamp we have over 600 incubator programs world-wide, we can benefit from our experience and proven methodes. The Innsbruck program will be focusing on Mountain SportsTech only.

We bring together the industry and the startups in this area and have them work closely together.


We take the lead without fossil fuels: Degree-n produces and delivers sustainable heating solutions. We reduce the use of fossil fuels to a minimum with patented Nano Infrared technology as a leading factor. CO2-emmisions and the use of fossil fuels have to give way to sustainable solutions to build a balanced and responsible global community.

Degree-n does this by manufacturing cost-efficient Nano Infrared heating panels and a heated water solution. These two combined make Degree-n a leading supplier of all-electric solutions. Our patented, environmental friendly systems are used throughout the world.


Viddioo is building a marketplace full of expert motion graphic designers to help you create the on-brand overlays, transitions and other types of custom content. Build these items once and re-use them forever in the video maker. Moving content within 5 minutes!

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